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As you know, I have certain things in this World that I am extremely passionate about. Some of those things being; family, fur babies, fashion and travel. One thing I want to start making time for is more volunteering and raising funds for certain causes. Volunteering at the local shelters has left a lasting impression of importance and has given me an even larger desire to make the World even just a little bit better in terms of the Paw portion of the World.  Who’s with me?

So, please help me to start here. This is a message I got from one of the amazing groups I am part of for Feral Cats:

***URGENT!*** Poor “Seal” is dragging one of his back legs. Somehow he hurt himself while he was at Petsmart. We have already taken him to our regular veterinarian but he needs X-Rays and possibly bloodwork done as well as another exam. We would like to take him to Healing Hearts Animal Hospital in the morning. We are estimating his initial visit to be close to $200. After his X-Rays are done, we will know if he is going to need surgery on his leg and what else needs to be done.

If you are able to help Seal, you can donate directly to our PayPal account or you can call Healing Hearts and make a donation over the phone. We are a 501(c3) non-profit organization. We run completely off of donations. Your donation is always tax deductible. Click on the link below to donate through PayPal. Please write “Seal” in the notes.…

Or you can call Healing Hearts Animal Hospital and make a donation under the account “Friends of Community-Cats Rescue”. If you choose to donate this way, please send us a message letting us know so we can make sure it goes to Seal. (801)281-3900

If you can’t donate, please share. Anything helps. We appreciate your support!

Thank you!

Kali Cristaudo
Friends of Community-Cats Rescue

I have already taken some time this morning to donate but I know that even $200 will only take care of this pretty kittens X-Rays and immediate care. It will not cover any surgeries and such that it will be needing in the long term. Please help me by spreading THIS LINK to my blog to help spread awareness and start raising money in the name of Seal. Please help me reach a goal of $1,000 to help cover and care for this cat properly. In order to up the anty on donations, my business has decided to do a Giveaway for everyone who donates to be entered to win $25 to KISSmeMINT.

So here is what you can do, make a donation, come back and comment on my blog your donation name and that you have sent money over with the name “Seal” in your donation comments and I will add you to our drawing to win the $25 to KISSmeMINT. 

Thank you everyone! I love you all and am so thankful for each and every one of you. IF YOU DO DONATE, PLEASE let me know by commenting! I would love to hear about it and know the difference we are making.

XO –

Shop My Home With Wayfair



Here is my cute little home (living room). I still am going to change the floor to a light white wood and then add a couple side tables that are on their way from WayFair. Woot Woot!


12620912_1244753072207568_1420231082_oLastly here is my kitchen that is almost done with my complete makeover DIY. Don’t mind the construction mess. Grr!

Considering the amount of love I have had when it comes to how I have rehabbed my home into my own style, I wanted to share my excitement with you in the fact that my home has tons of cute things I bought that are currently for sale. Right now, Wayfair is having a HUGE Winter Whites Sale where they have tons of the same products I have put into my home. If you love the look of my cute little house, check it out!


Emily-Upholstered-Bedroom-Bench-LARK1413 (1)

French Upholstered Chair


The Kensington (Carthusia) Sofa – I bought mine in Cream/Beige


Mixed Metal Mirrored Shelves (Say that ten times!)


Silky Mirrored End TablesLuxury+White+Furry+Throw+Pillow

Gorgeous White Faux Fur Accent Pillow


Marble Stone Mosaic TileMulia-Tile-4-x-2-Porcelain-Mosaic-Tile-in-Glossy-White-MSR124002

Porcelain Subway Tiles

Retro-Porcelain-Matte-Glazed-and-Glossy-Mosaic-in-White-and-Black-WFFXLM2OWD (1)

Retro Random Old School Tiles

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully this helps all of you who loved my White Obsession all over my home to be able to find it yourselves!


21.5″ iMac & Kate Spade 2 Winner Giveaway


A group of bloggers and I have teamed up to bring you a fabulous giveaway you can’t resist! We’re giving one precious follower a grand prize of a brand spanking new 21.5″ iMac and the second prize winner will receive a lovely Kate Spade handbag. By following as many bloggers as you want on the Gleam widget below, you will have better chances of winning! There are 125 ways to enter. Good luck lovelies!

21.5″ iMac + Kate Spade Handbag

Thanks everyone!


10 Reasons to LOVE the Kardashian Crew


This is a funny topic all things considered. But since I have had this convo with more than a couple people within the last couple days (random right?) I thought I would lay it all out there for everyone! Hate her or love her, KIM is my girl! She is a bad b***h who is a woman-preneur on fleak. Even if we don’t REALLY know what she and her family are ACTUALLY famous for, they’re still wildly successful in a way that doesn’t really have measures. So hate all you wants girls, but I LOVE the Kardashians. Bam, I said it! Here are my top ten reasons why.

1. I mean, they’re not hard to look at. Scratch that, they’re beautiful. Call it my obsession for dark hair, skin and eyes or just a weakness in general for the olive skinned folks (so pretty!) but these people are flawless. Yes they are all dolled up by a team of people per person but so what, they rock. Everything is always on point and so smooth.

2. They are business savvy to the max. Hate on them all you want for being “famous for nothing,” but their ‘nothing fame’ has made them THE most famous and most watched family on the planet. Although I would personally hate to be that exposed, they seem to handle it well. These people know how to capitalize on ANYTHING and rake in money like it was produced in their basement. I respect people who can handle making business out of nothing because that is NOT an easy task.

3. They are extremely family oriented. Watch any one season of the Kardashians to know that they are extremely close. They go everywhere and do everything with at least one other sibling around almost always. This closeness makes them a fun family to watch because I personally feel a strong connection to that sort of mentality as my family is eerily similar. They make being close to your family a statement that it is ‘okay’ or ‘cool.’

4. They understand when to be there for each other and have a support not many families have. Even though they can be brutal and fight like cats and dogs, they are still extremely strong in their family pact to respect each other. Most arguments end with a genuinely good outcome. Someone apologizes, someone jokes and five seconds later all is forgiven. Win!

5. They know how to give back. Maybe this is just for the hell of the cameras, but I have seen them do a decent amount of good throughout the world. Although I feel with their status they could to a lot more to positively impact certain projects, a little is better than nothing. And no Kim, selling a Selfie book does not count as saving the world. Sorry!

6. They can party like a boss! Respect. These cats can throw a pretty sweet party and do it with a chic outfit, a sweet crowd and some badass rides. Then wake up the next day and go about life as if it never happened. I guess when you rake in the money like this, you can do that kind of crap! I’m a little jelly!

7. They can date whoever, however. Kris dates a man half her age, Kim marries a rapper who thinks he’s a god, and Kourtney dates Justin Beiber (who just got out of diapers)? Umm… Ya I don’t think I am jealous of this aspect though, but it is something to be proud of.


8. Kim started all of this madness herself and then built the family empire around her successes. That in and of itself is a rare breed of success. It helps to have two already famous dads and a load of money to get everything started, but she is still a smart business woman.

9. Social media might as well be names The Kardashian Media since it is almost always filled with at least one family member in the tabloids everyday. It helps to have a family the size of a football team to increase the odds, but still. Seriously people, move over for just a minute and let someone else have a moment, ya?

10. Their style is TO DIE FOR! Enough said.



One extra thing to love, THEY’RE BRINGING CURVES BACK!

XO –

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