Why Turquoise Jewelry Has Stolen My Heart


Photo: Native Lens // All Jewelry: JTV Jewelry // Dress: Vici // Hair: Bombay Hair // Makeup: Buxom Cosmetics


I’m pretty sure that when it comes to jewelry, I have probably been a bit crazy with the amount of jewelry I have accumulated over the years. Its a little excessive, and yes I have been trimming down and donating almost all of it. All except the truly meaningful, beautiful pieces of which are all items that I have been given, or things that truly mean a lot to me. Of those kinds of rare and truly loved pieces, there remains one beautiful gold and pearl ring my parents bought me when I was born and gave to me when I turned 16. Another piece is a ring my dad bought me in Taxco, Mexico on an amazing 700 mile unplanned round trip we took. The rest are all pieces that have been sent to me for the blog like these from (my new favorite, JTV) or ones I have selectively picked out while traveling. So, as you can see, I choose, rare, beautiful and meaningful pieces. Which is why I was SO excited when JTV wanted me to feature all turquoise pieces. I mean really.. twist my arm, am I right?

I mean looking back, I think you would find that I have a vast collection of turquoise and almost always feature them in my shoots. Simply because they feel more bohemian and deffinantly fit my vibe. You acn also really layer almost all turquoise pieces which is also why I wear probably excessive amounts of it at a time. Like seriously guys, come to the airport with me and follow me through the x-ray line while I strip off about 7 pounds of silver and turquoise jewelry. My dad gets embarrassed every time he travels with me. 😉

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure why I have always had such a deep love for turquoise (up until now when JTV jewelry sent me some little known facts about it) other than its beauty, obviously, and the different ways in which can look all from the same stone. My sheer love has recently turned into an obsession whereas every where I travel, I always seek out native jewelry as my memory of the location and my trip. I always choose carefully crafted, unique and beautiful pieces so as to make my collection at home as unique as possible.

One of the rings that JTV sent me made me begin to love this stone even more. This was the fact that turquoise takes millions of years to form making it an incredibly precious piece of history. It takes time and patience, buried in some of the most beautiful layers of places such as my own home here in Utah in order to become perfected in all its imperfect beauty. Another amazing thing about this stone is that the blue colors you see the most when it comes to turquoise stones is formed when created in Copper.

Last, but not least, this is a sacred stone in the Native American culture. Turquoise is wholeheartedly believed to be considered sacred for health, happiness and protection. This is a theory I really relate with as living a more bohemian lifestyle, I do feel a large amount of happiness and protection regularly, so to think my stones might help attribute to the lifestyle, makes me want that many more.

Thanks to JTV jewelry, I now have 5 more beautiful pieces that are beautiful and unique and happily have been added to my collection. All of which are listed at the end of this post so that you can choose to purchase each piece and spread these happy and positive vibes yourself. I mean really, are they not some of the prettiest pieces you’ve seen to date?

All in all, I have to say, of the collection they sent, my favorite piece would have to fall between this gorgeous necklace and my inlaid ring. Both of which are featured below.

I hope this may help to inspire you to add turquoise to your life as it comes with endless beauty and of course supplies happiness. Did I mention the amount of compliments I get on a daily basis? I hope you love them all and I would LOVE to hear which is your favorite piece below.

Thanks for stopping by as always, check out my next post where I write all about this trip to St. George, looking for vacation homes, playing hard and resting harder.




Blue turquoise silver inlay ring
Blue turquoise silver inlay ring
Turquoise blue silver pendant with chain
Turquoise blue silver pendant with chain
Blue turquoise silver solitaire ring
Blue turquoise silver solitaire ring
Green turquoise sterling silver ring
Green turquoise sterling silver ring
Turquoise silver coin bracelet
Turquoise silver coin bracelet

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My Absolute Favorite Looks You Need Now

Shirt: Tobi // Shoes: Nordstrom Rack // Pants: KanCan Jeans // Hat: Boheme // Coat: Old

So I am finally feeling better, THANK GOODNESS! I was getting real sick of being sick, feeling nauseous,  taking scalding baths to get warm, trying my hardest to breathe and sounding like a toad while sweating like a dog. Now I just sound like a toad. The little things, am I right?

By the way, I have to tell you this story since my voice has been so bad and it was such a funny moment.

I got a random call from the CDC the other day taking a survey as to the overall health of Utah right now based on the flu. Random? Maybe. Although I find it fishy since I had the flu.

Anyway, the lady gets on the phone with me and started our conversation by asking to talk to my parents or “someone in my home who is above 18.” lol… I was like umm… i’m 27 and I live alone so… She then went on to ask me, “don’t take this offensively, but are you a girl or a boy?” haha… I was dying. I had such a sickly voice that this woman couldn’t tell what sex I was. But to top it off, she then asked me if I had been sick in the last 30 days…….. seriously?

She also asked me some other repetitive questions that then made me wonder the actual brilliance of the other end of the phone altogether, given the previous questions. Anyway, if that doesn’t tell you how sick I was, I’m not sure what would.

Now that I got my funny out of the way, onto better, more beautiful things like my fav new outfit put together today. Remember when I asked where to travel next? That’s because I now have a serious case of the travel bug and I’m ready to set foot on my next adventure. To ease the pain, I got this shirt from Tobi to help me the creative juices flowing and help me to feel as if I am on the next vacay until I can actually get healthy enough to take one.

If you’re like me, then you’re in luck. This cute boyfriend tee is now 50% off and ready to find some more vacay obsessors like myself.

Because the top is currently 50% off, I linked it here.

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear some suggestions on where to travel next. Be creative! I like a good surprise.

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Harry Potter World? Don’t Mind If We Do.

Just a couple weeks ago (yeah, I know… procrastinator.. whatever) we went to Universal Studios. By we, I mean my dad and I. As we were already down in Cali for work and had done a damn good job well done a day early, we decided what better to do than be five years old (well, I was at least) and go to Harry Potter World.

And I was right. I was five all over again.

As we drove through LA I sat on the edge of my seat with this ridiculous smile on my face. I couldn’t stop giggling and it was like I had been struck by lightning. I don’t know why I was so excited, we’ve done SO MANY cool things in my life that I couldn’t figure out I was so dang excited to go. Turns out I needed a little bit of random and a whole lot of giggles to lighten the mood of the last couple draining weeks, and Harry Potter was the best way to do this.


Driving up the hill towards the parking, we pulled into the parking terrace. I noticed the signs, $25 to park? Wtf?… Upfront parking, $50? My dad: “we’ll take the upfront parking”… lol you kill me! But I’m not mad. 😜

We pulled around the side of the massive buildings and parked right up front. As we drove in and parked, I changed out of my ridiculous(ly beautiful) Heels and put on some Flats I knew would keep me not feeling like I was old and broken by the end of the day full of walking, running, riding and jumping.

We got out of the car and headed for the gate when I noticed a man being interviewed. It’s Mario Lopez right there, standing right in front of us just gleaming away. Umm, not a bad start, yeah?!

As we turned the corners and went through the gate I was skipping and laughing already. I felt bad for my dad since I’m pretty sure he already regretted this decision to take his grown woman-child to an amusement park when I saw Harry Potter land and screamed EEEK! Holy crap, looking back, I was so embarrassing.

After a really short wait we were up to the front of the line. On the way up I noted the Fast Passes were $350. I smacked my dad on the arm and said “who’s crazy enough to pay that?!” We got up to the counter and he asked for two adult fast passes 😱😱😱🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Obviously he could tell as much as I thought It was crazy, I secretly.. deep down… wanted it to happen. LET’S DO THIS!!!


We walked to the front gates and down Main Street. It was amazing! We were some of the firsts and the Park was nearly empty. It was like being on the set of your own show and having all these gorgeous sets to run through! First was Despicable Me. It was cute and a decent start, but as there was no adrenaline, I was instantly worried we may have just made a mega terrible decision.


Next came a couple more rides. More like visual rides and less adrenaline. Again. At this point both of us had become a little Leary but we were still excited. FINALLY, we rounded the corner and BAM! Harry Potter land. It was massive!!! We walked through the wand shop, hogsmeade and other shops and ran to the castle. This was actually an impressively set up and incredibly impressive walk through the castle although I’ll be he first to admit, the ride itself was ehhh…. it seemed old, outdated, and overrated. That being said, o was still so happy to be there and could’ve easily ridden it 20 more times.




After that we did the roller coaster (I forget the name) next to the castle. We buckled in, the ride started, took a turn, went up a hill, down a hill, and pulled back in to a stop. Lol… we looked at each other with wide eyes and laughed our butts off… and said “that’s it?” Wow.

After this we headed over to the animal show. Being the animal spaz that I am, I LOVED THIS! It was cute and cheesy in all the right ways. And absolutely most importantly to me, humane. Everyone was rescued and well taken care of. Yes!


Thank goodness though, later one we headed down the massive escalators towards the real adrenaline rides! First we rode Jurassic Park. This was so dang funny as it was a cold day and my dad got SOAKED! Needless to say, he wasn’t thrilled.

After this we headed to The Mummy. This was ridiculously cool! We rode it twice and got right on both times! After this we ran over to the transformers which also was amazing.

Since we were short on time before our flight out we headed back, but not before stopping at the Walking Dead. This was well done by more like a haunted house… random.

Anyway, point is, this was such a fun day and I wouldn’t take it back ever. We laughed hard, had a day of fun together and even more, had adrenaline and warmth when it was nearly thirty degrees at home. We call that a win!

If you get a chance to visit Harry Potter land, I say: go there, be amazed, love it… and love on down to the fun rides!

And most importantly, NEVER turn down a trip with your dad.

I now have a BRAND NEW youtube channel and will post a video on our trip to Harry Potter Land plus a TON of other trips i’ve recently taken on there. Be sure to go follow me on Youtube, Insta, Pinterest & Twitter.

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The MUST HAVE Stretchy (& Classy) Jeans That You Need Now.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 6.41.27 PM
Well happy Sunday, lovelies! If you happen to follow me on Instagram, then there is probably one thing you REPEATEDLY see me talk about. That is of course, my beautiful stack of Kan Can Jeans that I have at home. There are quite a few reasons why I love them, but let me just go ahead and share some with you.
Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 6.41.54 PM
 So I’ll go ahead and share the reason why YOU need some of these too:
1. They are stretchy! Without looking cheap or overly stretchy, these bad boys stretch  so damn well that you can have a sweetly unexpected skinny day, or go to town at your favorite restaurant and these will still COMFORTABLY conform to you body shape.
2. You can love all styles and fits in Kan Can like high waist, low rise, mid rise, plain, washed or jeans with tons of holes in them. I admit that I literally have all kinds of Kan Cans (light wash, holey, dark wash, acid rinse, high rise, low and mid rise, cuffed, cut off at the bottom, tall button up – you name it!) and every single one of them still fit me well.
3. I have lost almost 20 pounds since the first of the year and thanks to just washing them after a couple wears, they skinny up to my new size and fit comfortably as the day I bought them still.
4. They are AFFORDABLE. Yep, you heard that right ladies. While looking classy and being comfortable, you STILL get to do all that within a great budget without breaking the bank like many other jean companies tend to do. They conform like a Flying Monkey but are about half the cost. YESS! That means you can get multiple, am I right?
5. They don’t wear, tear, pile, shrink or expand. They stay exactly how you want them at all times.
If that hasn’t convinced you, I will be making a video and adding it to this post this week. But if this just so happened to show you exactly why you need a pair (or ten pairs..) then go ahead and shop some of my favorites below.
My absolute and unyieldingly favorites are my high waist 5 button dark wash jeans and my mid rise ankle cut holey jeans. Both have similar items below as well.
Happy shopping! P.S. I’d love to hear all about how you love your pairs when you get them. Because let’s face it, you want some and winter sucks wearing jeans that just aren’t comfortable. So jump on the Kan Can train girls.

The Tax Write-Off’s YOU NEED TO KNOW About For Your Business

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 5.30.43 PM


Here’s the deal kids, business ain’t easy and life most deffinantly isn’t cheap. If you ask anyone who’s ever ran their own business, no matter how small, they will tell you the same thing every.single.time…. and that is, that they had to skip paying “this” (at home) so they could pay for “that” (for their business) when they started out. You will probably sacrifice left and right if your heart is in it, but the time will come when it all pays off. So don’t lose site of the end game.

Money doesn’t fall from trees or I’d plant them in my house and wouldn’t even care how much dirt got scattered from the planters and my naughty cats not getting along.

That being said, I am not going to tell you that it will be easy to get started or that it will necessarily be profitable right off the bat. BUT, that is why it is SO IMPORTANT to know all the little tips and tricks you can in order to make it happen like a BOSS and also to be able to save where you can along the way!

So what are some of the tips you ask?Also Note: this is just the beginning, if you want all sorts of good info on how to start, successfully run and multiply your business…. keep following along. Or even take my MUCH LOVED  15 course series here.

So here’s the deal… I want to put together all of the tips and tricks I have learned that can DRAMATICALLY help you business wise and financially and post them throughout the next couple of weeks to help you start off next year not just on the right foot, but absolutely hitting the ground running!

*** Also, a side note: If you haven’t already started your online business, rule number one, find amazingly priced, but super snazzy web hosting service; I love BlueHost.  ( Check back this week on my quick set up for your business and how to achieve quickly but ACCURATELY).

So let’s get down to brass tacs and the ENTIRE reason you are even here. Today’s lesson will be all the places that you can gain back tax advantages for your business and win all the way around!

What is a tax advantage? Essentially a jazzy way of saying the government will you money back on previously paid expenses based off the size of the advantage rates the government has determined per claimant.

So for example: let’s say for my consulting business and the blog I run, I have to get my hair done to look pretty for my shoots to help with PR and advertising. Therefore, whichever expenses are made to help me with business will then be applied towards business related expenses and may give me a tax advantage – meaning I may either pay less or get money back at the end of the tax year.

How to apply this? Then I would pay for the services via my business card (or keep the receipts if paid personally) and then report that at the end of the year when I submit my taxes. Then the government can take a look at all of the places where you may or may not be given an advantage (write off) and if you do, you will receive refunds. Still not making sense? Let me break it down:

Same can be said about the cost of the goods your purchase in order to operate as a business, fuel for your vehicles or the vehicles themselves, marketing, travel ect. So let me give you a list below and show you A TON of areas where you just maybe able to have write off’s yourself.



Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 5.22.15 PM

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