The MUST HAVE Stretchy (& Classy) Jeans That You Need Now.

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Well happy Sunday, lovelies! If you happen to follow me on Instagram, then there is probably one thing you REPEATEDLY see me talk about. That is of course, my beautiful stack of Kan Can Jeans that I have at home. There are quite a few reasons why I love them, but let me just go ahead and share some with you.
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 So I’ll go ahead and share the reason why YOU need some of these too:
1. They are stretchy! Without looking cheap or overly stretchy, these bad boys stretch  so damn well that you can have a sweetly unexpected skinny day, or go to town at your favorite restaurant and these will still COMFORTABLY conform to you body shape.
2. You can love all styles and fits in Kan Can like high waist, low rise, mid rise, plain, washed or jeans with tons of holes in them. I admit that I literally have all kinds of Kan Cans (light wash, holey, dark wash, acid rinse, high rise, low and mid rise, cuffed, cut off at the bottom, tall button up – you name it!) and every single one of them still fit me well.
3. I have lost almost 20 pounds since the first of the year and thanks to just washing them after a couple wears, they skinny up to my new size and fit comfortably as the day I bought them still.
4. They are AFFORDABLE. Yep, you heard that right ladies. While looking classy and being comfortable, you STILL get to do all that within a great budget without breaking the bank like many other jean companies tend to do. They conform like a Flying Monkey but are about half the cost. YESS! That means you can get multiple, am I right?
5. They don’t wear, tear, pile, shrink or expand. They stay exactly how you want them at all times.
If that hasn’t convinced you, I will be making a video and adding it to this post this week. But if this just so happened to show you exactly why you need a pair (or ten pairs..) then go ahead and shop some of my favorites below.
My absolute and unyieldingly favorites are my high waist 5 button dark wash jeans and my mid rise ankle cut holey jeans. Both have similar items below as well.
Happy shopping! P.S. I’d love to hear all about how you love your pairs when you get them. Because let’s face it, you want some and winter sucks wearing jeans that just aren’t comfortable. So jump on the Kan Can train girls.

The Tax Write-Off’s YOU NEED TO KNOW About For Your Business

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Here’s the deal kids, business ain’t easy and life most deffinantly isn’t cheap. If you ask anyone who’s ever ran their own business, no matter how small, they will tell you the same thing every.single.time…. and that is, that they had to skip paying “this” (at home) so they could pay for “that” (for their business) when they started out. You will probably sacrifice left and right if your heart is in it, but the time will come when it all pays off. So don’t lose site of the end game.

Money doesn’t fall from trees or I’d plant them in my house and wouldn’t even care how much dirt got scattered from the planters and my naughty cats not getting along.

That being said, I am not going to tell you that it will be easy to get started or that it will necessarily be profitable right off the bat. BUT, that is why it is SO IMPORTANT to know all the little tips and tricks you can in order to make it happen like a BOSS and also to be able to save where you can along the way!

So what are some of the tips you ask?Also Note: this is just the beginning, if you want all sorts of good info on how to start, successfully run and multiply your business…. keep following along. Or even take my MUCH LOVED  15 course series here.

So here’s the deal… I want to put together all of the tips and tricks I have learned that can DRAMATICALLY help you business wise and financially and post them throughout the next couple of weeks to help you start off next year not just on the right foot, but absolutely hitting the ground running!

*** Also, a side note: If you haven’t already started your online business, rule number one, find amazingly priced, but super snazzy web hosting service; I love BlueHost.  ( Check back this week on my quick set up for your business and how to achieve quickly but ACCURATELY).

So let’s get down to brass tacs and the ENTIRE reason you are even here. Today’s lesson will be all the places that you can gain back tax advantages for your business and win all the way around!

What is a tax advantage? Essentially a jazzy way of saying the government will you money back on previously paid expenses based off the size of the advantage rates the government has determined per claimant.

So for example: let’s say for my consulting business and the blog I run, I have to get my hair done to look pretty for my shoots to help with PR and advertising. Therefore, whichever expenses are made to help me with business will then be applied towards business related expenses and may give me a tax advantage – meaning I may either pay less or get money back at the end of the tax year.

How to apply this? Then I would pay for the services via my business card (or keep the receipts if paid personally) and then report that at the end of the year when I submit my taxes. Then the government can take a look at all of the places where you may or may not be given an advantage (write off) and if you do, you will receive refunds. Still not making sense? Let me break it down:

Same can be said about the cost of the goods your purchase in order to operate as a business, fuel for your vehicles or the vehicles themselves, marketing, travel ect. So let me give you a list below and show you A TON of areas where you just maybe able to have write off’s yourself.



Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 5.22.15 PM

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What I’ve Already Learned From My Boyfriend’s Deployment

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So here’s the thing, ask anyone about me and they would probably say I’m tough, bullheaded even… hopefully in a good way? Anyway, when it comes to life, I have been fairly resilient given all of the things that have happened in my short (or long, whichever way you look at it) twenty-seven years.  I’ve broken too many bones to count including my back and a small bone in my neck. I’ve been in countless accidents and almost died from a sudden allergic reaction to MRI contrast dye; of which, I remember once I realized it was going to happen, I was going to die right there on the table from the dumbest of things, I laughed (in my head of course, because I couldn’t even breathe enough to let out a small squeal) and said “well… shit.” Therefore, I think i’ve been through a decently fair share of random accidents and simple (almost) tragedies.

But all of which, I always had some smartass comment or a giggle or smile on my face because crap happens really. That’s life. Most days, I can laugh anything off and take it with a grain of salt. But when it came to saying goodbye to my boyfriend Keith as he deployed to his location, that was one of my top hardest moments.

We had amazing memories, some painful but many beyond amazing. So when I had to say goodbye for the last time, I think it was the first time i’ve publicly accepted a bawl fest right there in front of everyone. I gave “zero shits” as my best friend would say. Right there, in the parking terrace, again in the car on the way to the hellish airport parking center, again in the plane (and yes, I was the middle seat.. so that was awkward) and again once I arrived home and got in bed. I would also be lying if I said I don’t cry sometimes when I think of it or other times when I am getting off of a sketchy intermittent skype session with him where most of the conversation was “what? I didn’t hear you..”… I hate you, you crappy wifi router. I have a bone to pick with you but that’s for another time.

So what does all this have to do with me finally allowing myself to melt like a puppy when I watched him walk away, bags in tow? It has everything to do with the many little things that I have already learned about have a deployed boyfriend or significant other if you will.

So let me go ahead and tell you about what it is like to send someone away for deployment… at least for me.

  1. YOU’RE NOT AS TOUGH AS YOU THINK YOU ARE, AND YET, YOU REALIZE YOU’RE WAY MORE TOUGH THAN EVER BEFORE… MAKE SENSE? Really, like I say, you can be one of the toughest people in the world. But when that moment hits you and you stop being numb and start realizing you can’t hug that person or kiss them or talk to them late at night or anything of that matter really for quite some time you start to understand just how precious a good cry really can be. But once you let it all out, you tend to then realize how tough you really are when you wake up in the morning and work your ass off all day long regardless because you want to better yourself everyday before he comes back home. So, you go girl.
  2. TIME. You suddenly find that all of this chaos and these super crowded busy days and nights all of the sudden became just a little less crowded. You now have time to water the plants again, time to put in way more extra work and stop being poor, and time to actually start working out again. Good hell, about time right? You also find yourself making all sorts of things happen due to having this newly found time when you would usually be rushing around to get things done so you can get that precious time with him when he was home. So now, you may all the sudden have a clean house or a new hobby eh?
  3. EVERYTHING WILL FINALLY BE CLEAN BECAUSE OF HAVING MORE TIME… YES WOMAN, YOU HEARD ME! Don’t get me wrong, even with my zoo here at home, I spend hours on hours every week cleaning because you just have to when you have this many animals and you also are kind of one yourself. But when I knew I could trade time cleaning for time with him, I (most of the time) chose him. So therefore, sometimes I would come home to a pile of clothes on the dryer, on the bed, and yes… on the floor. Don’t even get me started on dishes. It’s pretty shameful. But the good news is, my life is actually cloroxed, cleaned, organized (apparently that’s a thing) and well put together-ish. 😉 So now you finally can do alllllllll those things you once wished you could get done to feel like your house is a home again. Here’s the irony, between him and I, I am the way more messy creature.
  4. HELLO SWEATS. Doesn’t matter if it’s his old military sweaters, shirts or bottoms, odds are, you’re probably wearing them every chance you get. Say goodbye to looking classy and cute all the time and hello to “yes, I can at least wear you today and pretend you’re here?” Kidding, I’m not that sappy… they’re just comfy. Or at least that’s what you will tell yourself to justify looking like you just crawled out of bed.
  5. GOALS…. YOU START TO FILL YOUR TIME WITH GOALS AND ALL OF THESE THINGS YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH BY THE TIME HE COMES HOME. Yep, I am sure all of us always have them there in the back of our heads. And sure, most of us are trying to reach them and become a little closer everyday. But when times becomes more available, you find yourself back at that ambitious twenty-one year old self starting to make goals to take on the world again. Of course I have all the typical goals… lose more weight (I’ve lost 17 pounds and plan to lost 25-30 more), pay off certain things and save more, fix my stupid car – that damn lemon, boom my business and my blog, and teach more women to start businesses. But I also have random goals like grow my garden through the winter, become one of top bloggers/vloggers in my niche, learn yoga, become insanely flexible again and get back into boxing. That’s one hell of a workout.
  6. YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE A LIST OF SAPPY LOVE SONGS ON REPEAT. And if you need any, just let me know. I have been listening to Every Little Thing from Carly Pearce and my “kiki” playlist literally over and over again. My poor, poor neighbors. But I guess I am just getting them back for smoking weed outside my window in the middle of the day and making my bedroom smell like poop. Thanks. And I hate you too. Kidding, you’re actually a pretty fun neighbor. Don’t punch me. 😉
  7. YOU WILL HAVE YOUR PHONE ON YOU AT ALL TIMES, I REPEAT, AT ALLTIMES. Between always keeping it charged, having a little tizzy if it malfunctions and constantly checking your texts, gmail, and skype accounts to see if you have a new message will become quite the usual for you. You will also have a car charger, a solar phone charger and a wall charger in your purse at all times and probably the number to your carriers customer support…. you know, just in case.
  8. THE DREAMS, THOSE STUPID, TRICKY DREAMS. Odds are, you’ll probably have many dreams where you think he’s home and you’re having just another day. Then you wake up covered in cats and realize you’re just weird.
  9. I ALMOST FORGOT… CONGRATULATIONS, YOU PROBABLY JUST ACCUMULATED A WHOLE LOT OF CRAP. And I don’t mean crap in the literal sense of the word, really just a lot of stuff. For me, it was one dog, one cat, one car, one truck, a bunch of clothes, about ten billion dog toys (swear he loves her more than me ahha) blankets, comforters, and even things like food that would go bad by the time he was home. Be ready for the purge darling, because it’s coming. Although, I can’t complain for one minute. Having his things here makes me feel like is here. Blah blah blah all that mushy stuff. 😉 You’re welcome, I spared you.
  10. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, YOU ACTUALLY DON’T MIND (AND ACTUALLY KIND OF LIKE) WORKING. When before, although you love what you do most days, you would typically rush it to get that fun and precious time with him… you now work longer hours, longer days, and get more done by choice. This being basically because this not only fills your mind and time but also gets you to places you would like to be. So I hate to break it to you, but you’ll become the world’s newest workaholic. Cheers!

So if any of this applies to you, congrats, you’re not alone. If it doesn’t, then I guess you got lucky! All of which, don’t bother me at all. Because at the end of the day, I know there’s an end to his deployment and the beginning again of fun memories. Hope I at least brought some light and happiness and probably a little too much sarcasm into your day. I’d love to hear your stories if  you are in a similar boat and get to know you as well.

Maybe you even want to learn how to make your hobby into a business while your significant other is away… Learn How to Start A Businessby taking my 15 course series and let me help personally consult you how to follow your dreams so you can wow him when he gets home.



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Maganda Treasures Sarcasm & Whit Candles


In light of the fact that my boyfriend is deploying soon and my life has become unbelievably chaotic, finding peace in the simple things is something to treasure. So when Maganda Treasures sent me this sarcasm candle (right up my smart-ass alley), we have been lighting it during our chaotic packing up of his house and letting the refreshing smell fill his house as the one best beacon of light throughout our day. And trust me, the ridiculously yummy smell is a welcoming thing when packing blankets apparently come out the package smelling like a fish wrapped in mold wrapped in a bad pair of boots. So, again, this is in insanely welcomed feature in our life currently.


I am the type of person who likes to try and make light of any terrible situation. So having someone with some humor and sarcasm reminds me that the world will keep turning even as he boards his plane. So thanks so much Maganda Treasures, for reminding me to smile and make light of the situation. So if you too, want your house to smell beyond amazing, your life to be filled with smiles and your home to be filled with a fun, new company enjoying the gift of whit; then Maganda Treasures is for you. Head on over to their Etsy store and grab yours at 20% off using the code STYLEmeMINT at checkout.

As always, thanks for reading! And god bless.

Must Have Rompers This Fall


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Photo: @peacephoto

I hate to say it, but Summer is almost over. Ugh. Trust me, i’m a Summer girl, and would love it to go on forever – but unfortunately I live in Utah and that is just not a reality much past September. So therefore, bring on the fall shopping and the floral bliss.

Two of my favorite pieces from my closet were a floral romper maxi and a floral pant suit as well. For me to say I loved a romper through and through is also tough to say considering that when you have to find a bathroom, they seem impossible to take off in time. All while doing the dance! Not to mention my ridiculously long torso (and not the sexy lean kind of long) that seems not to fit in almost any one-piece-anything really. This weekend I wore the floral maxi romper to the Farmers Market near me. It actually gave me a pretty good little breeze even when it is too hot where you feel like you are melting. During the market I realized I had too much water and REALLY needed to go pee. Basically, once I finally found a bathroom, it was a full blown strip down since this was a one piece. Tell me that wasn’t quite the show. What I am trying to say, is if you are wanting to wear a romper, know your surroundings because the bathroom dance is more like an acrobatic show.

But now that you have been warned, I will tell you a little more about these pretty pieces. These are both amazingly comfy. The piece with the shorts, was a purchase from TJ Maxx and the pants were a purchase from Nordstrom’s. I always have to buy a size up to fit the length which then leads to bagginess once that is done. But since I have been able to wonderfully and shockingly find some rompers that I love, I am now watching places like ASOS and Honey Punch like crazy to keep finding more pieces to suit me.

Shop some of my favorites from my collections.As always, happy shopping and thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a great weekend and be sure to stop by on Instagram and Pinterest to say hello.

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