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So it’s been a couple days since I posted an outfit but we have been swamped with work between KISSmeMINT and daily life. So in short, that meant pulled up hair, crazy rat-a-tat outfits and early nights in bed where I can actually lay down and take a breath.

But now I’m ready to go and am back at it full force. This is one of my FAVORITE fall outfits. You will probably hear, or at least read, the word “favorite” hundreds of times on my blog from here forward but I always mean it; I just get overly enthused about a lot of things easily! I can’t help it.


Back to the outfit. So this entire outfit was made in about 10 seconds and for some reason it actually worked! The wine colored jeans literally are my favorite pair of jeans (told you) and these boots are so universal I am beginning to wear them everyday. Here is where I got everything from:

Wine colored Jeans: Pac Sun… They are high waist and SO comfy! I wear leggings so often because of comfort but these are even better than leggings. Great quality and VERY pretty color; can’t really go wrong. I ended up going back and getting these in three other colors because I didn’t want to wear these out. Pac Sun is offering 20% off when you spend $50.00 or more now through Sunday… enter the code “Pac20” for the discount. In store, you can also buy two pairs of these jeans for $69.00.

Boots: I have listed these before, but these are from Forever Young Shoes. I got them for maybe $30.00 and you always get the second pair half off. You’re way better off buying in store rather than online though. Keep that in mind.


Tiger Studded Shirt: Groopdealz… sheesh.

Pashmina Infinity Scarf: This is one of the CUTEST fall scarves I have seen and we actually have these kind of scarves listed RIGHT NOW on www.KISSmeMINT.com from Colorado Chic Co. for just $17.55 and FREE SHIPPING! But not for long, so go grab yours now!

These are the scarves that are up now:


Sage & Iris


So a couple months ago I purchased this Sage & Iris clutch from another daily deals website and have fallen in love with it ever since. It is bright, it is bold and it is the perfect accent to spice up ANY and I mean ANY outfit! I purchased the Neon Yellow Clutch because Yellow was kind of my color at the time. It was bright, it gave me that summer and sunshine kinda feeling and it was my kind of mood all summer. Just.plain.bliss.

Anyway let me just show you how cute this darling thing really is because… I am proud to announce that Sage & Iris has these listed on our site www.KISSmeMINT.com right now! It came in the cutest package that showed that they love their customers and they care about what they sell. It was so cute, that months ago – even before I knew I would have a blog, or even better, be selling their items on my website – I took a picture of my adorable little wrapped package because it was so unique. So here you go!



If you want to buy yours, visit our site now while we have it listed at a discounted price. It is only up for a couple more days at just $4.99! In case you didn’t get to see just how cute these really are, here are some more pictures… They come in Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Orange or Black. All of them have a gold inlet where the cutouts are on the front pouch. I am HARD on my purses, clutches and anything nice – let’s be honest. This clutch has been through the ringer for months now and STILL looks just like it did the day I bought it. So… in short, get it girls!


cry1 cy c4-1

Zig Zags & Pointy Toes


Fauz Leather Shoulder Sweater: KISSmeMINT.com . Pointy Gold Toe Heels: TJ Maxx . Zig Zag Leggings: Groopdealz . Midi Rings: 5th and Elm . Zebra Print Scarf: Bohme Boutique . Rose Gold Watch: KISSmeMINT.com





So to a certain degree, there are times when I really feel like an “old soul.” Why, you ask? Well first of all, it is a Friday night and I spent it with my family out to dinner then came back home after an already long days work and got right back to picking out products for our site www.KISSmeMINT.com – editing and entering products. Yes, it is like this never ending, all consuming business. But… don’t get me wrong, that, actually is my idea of a great night these days!

I had a fun day working alongside my best friend/sister all day, one solid hour on the phone with my fiance, one great dinner with my amazing family at my favorite restaurant Sonora Grill in Ogden, Utah and also got to pick out some AMAZING new products. So old soul or not, I’m pretty happy about this Friday night so far! Not to mention I get to end the night cuddled with my babies – with paws – watching my favorite show The Ghost Adventures (yes, I’m weird.. it happens) and cuddled in blankets.

So that was my night and I am pretty happy that I am fortunate enough to have these nights after a long days work.

ANYWAY.. As for this outfit, let me fill you in. So the sweater is new! It is up right now at KISSmeMINT.com and we only have a few left. It flew off the shelves due to it’s capability of being well, pretty perfect. This little doll is soft, lightweight and yet still keeps you warm; even with all those tiny holes, it still manages to do the job of keeping that necessary warmth in.

As for the shoes, found these pretty girls sitting on a lonely shelf at TJ Maxx basically begging for me to take them home. So, let’s just say I was being a good citizen when I bought them and brought them home to join the other beauties in my closet. Yep. I did the world a favor that day, or at least that’s how we can pretend to look at it. You’re welcome cute girls!

The leggings, not much to say about them. They are very comfy, very cute and very soft. But I have had these for a while so I guess they have grown on me more and more over time. Wear these with a cute grey, black or white basic top and you have an outfit. So simple.

Now for the midi rings!!! I about had a mini meltdown when I got these in the mail from 5th & Elm! They came in the CUTEST little package, all wrapped up and ready for me to adorn my little, plain and not so pretty fingers. They came 8 to a pack and fit all of my fingers at different levels; which  made me love them THAT MUCH MORE! I am also SO EXCITED to say that we have just added 5th & Elm to our vendor team and will be featuring them soon! So check them out on our site!

The scarf… you can find any just like this anywhere. This one is adorable, but there are SO many scarf options out there! So go get ’em girls!

Anyway, to all of you out there playing harder than me on this Friday night, have fun!




Cold & The Camo


 Leather & Denim Embellished Jacket: Forever21 . Camo Leggings: KISSmeMINT . Black Boots: Forever Young Shoes . Long Sleeve Black Slouchy Tee: Sage & Iris Boutique

Clear Art Deco Necklace: Cents of Style . Beanie: Handmade by my Grams (sorry ladies)


Today I discovered that I am more in love with the military style than ever before. Yes, camo is symbolic of hunting and such – as well as the military – but I just can’t help but love the overall “military” feel. It is rough and tough but still stylish. Growing up like a little boy, I always liked the “boy-ish” styles better than the super girly, gaudy look.

Don’t get me wrong, heels are a must on a regular occasion, big jewelry is a plus, and curly hair helps on a bad style day – but that doesn’t mean that they are my favorite things to wear. The super soft, extremely comfy slouchy Tee that I am wearing in this picture is pure divinity; not only for the comfort factor, but also because it is so ME! The boyfriend fit and baggy factor help me get back to my boy roots while still looking like an effortless version of a simple stylish girl.

Now for the jacket… umm does it get any better? Well maybe. But I have yet to feel better about any one jacket than this. There are cute leather (or pleather if you must) sleeves, embellishments on the two pockets and collar, and also pull cord accents to at least show a little bit of waist.

Last but not least, if I could tell you one thing that I would love to buy all over again, it would be these dang cute boots! I love the store Forever Young Shoes because let’s be honest it’s always buy one get one free. I can’t help but splurge every time I go there because even a “splurge” is not like you are breaking the bank there. You can buy stylish shoes, that actually DO last for a long time and not have to worry about your purchase breaking five minutes later. This is a GREAT store for cute shoes, at a discount.

In case you didn’t see the whole outfit, here you go…



Oh… one last thing.. KISSmeMINT.com will be listing shoes starting in just a couple days… just had to get that out there. So check in for stylish shoes!


Polka Dots & Slouchy Sweaters

IMG_20131028_011041Yellow Sweater: Bohme Boutique, Aztec Scarf: KISSmeMINT.com, Coral Polka Dot Jeans: A vendor at the Pinners Expo (I will find the name of the boutique and get back to you), Boots: Super old, but one of my favorite pairs.

Considering this is my first outfit post on the new blog, I deffinantly could’ve done better. But, this just so happens to be what I wore today. I do love my slouchy sweaters but with the temperature dropping over 40 degrees throughout the night, it seemed like this holey sweater was not the best choice.



Overall though, I loved the outfit. The jeans are soft, they have personality and they also fit perfectly; allowing me to eat a large meal for at my dad’s birthday celebration and not feel like I was suffocating. Okay, that is bad, but it is true. If the belly extends and the pants don’t, that’s when you start having problems. At least that is how I measure it!

To say the least, the bright colors during fall come out a little bit dramatic but spiced up my usual neutral toned outfits. All and all, I do have to admit (and I am sure will say this time and time again) that slouchy sweaters, a scarf, and boots are my favorite fall/winter outfit. Nothing can put a bigger smile on my face than a well put together fall outfit.

Now bring on the Starbucks double shot vanilla chai latte and a fireplace and you have it made.

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