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My Absolute Favorite Looks You Need Now

Shirt: Tobi // Shoes: Nordstrom Rack // Pants: KanCan Jeans // Hat: Boheme // Coat: Old

So I am finally feeling better, THANK GOODNESS! I was getting real sick of being sick, feeling nauseous,  taking scalding baths to get warm, trying my hardest to breathe and sounding like a toad while sweating like a dog. Now I just sound like a toad. The little things, am I right?

By the way, I have to tell you this story since my voice has been so bad and it was such a funny moment.

I got a random call from the CDC the other day taking a survey as to the overall health of Utah right now based on the flu. Random? Maybe. Although I find it fishy since I had the flu.

Anyway, the lady gets on the phone with me and started our conversation by asking to talk to my parents or “someone in my home who is above 18.” lol… I was like umm… i’m 27 and I live alone so… She then went on to ask me, “don’t take this offensively, but are you a girl or a boy?” haha… I was dying. I had such a sickly voice that this woman couldn’t tell what sex I was. But to top it off, she then asked me if I had been sick in the last 30 days…….. seriously?

She also asked me some other repetitive questions that then made me wonder the actual brilliance of the other end of the phone altogether, given the previous questions. Anyway, if that doesn’t tell you how sick I was, I’m not sure what would.

Now that I got my funny out of the way, onto better, more beautiful things like my fav new outfit put together today. Remember when I asked where to travel next? That’s because I now have a serious case of the travel bug and I’m ready to set foot on my next adventure. To ease the pain, I got this shirt from Tobi to help me the creative juices flowing and help me to feel as if I am on the next vacay until I can actually get healthy enough to take one.

If you’re like me, then you’re in luck. This cute boyfriend tee is now 50% off and ready to find some more vacay obsessors like myself.

Because the top is currently 50% off, I linked it here.

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear some suggestions on where to travel next. Be creative! I like a good surprise.

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XO –

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