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Harry Potter World? Don’t Mind If We Do.

Just a couple weeks ago (yeah, I know… procrastinator.. whatever) we went to Universal Studios. By we, I mean my dad and I. As we were already down in Cali for work and had done a damn good job well done a day early, we decided what better to do than be five years old (well, I was at least) and go to Harry Potter World.

And I was right. I was five all over again.

As we drove through LA I sat on the edge of my seat with this ridiculous smile on my face. I couldn’t stop giggling and it was like I had been struck by lightning. I don’t know why I was so excited, we’ve done SO MANY cool things in my life that I couldn’t figure out I was so dang excited to go. Turns out I needed a little bit of random and a whole lot of giggles to lighten the mood of the last couple draining weeks, and Harry Potter was the best way to do this.


Driving up the hill towards the parking, we pulled into the parking terrace. I noticed the signs, $25 to park? Wtf?… Upfront parking, $50? My dad: “we’ll take the upfront parking”… lol you kill me! But I’m not mad. 😜

We pulled around the side of the massive buildings and parked right up front. As we drove in and parked, I changed out of my ridiculous(ly beautiful) Heels and put on some Flats I knew would keep me not feeling like I was old and broken by the end of the day full of walking, running, riding and jumping.

We got out of the car and headed for the gate when I noticed a man being interviewed. It’s Mario Lopez right there, standing right in front of us just gleaming away. Umm, not a bad start, yeah?!

As we turned the corners and went through the gate I was skipping and laughing already. I felt bad for my dad since I’m pretty sure he already regretted this decision to take his grown woman-child to an amusement park when I saw Harry Potter land and screamed EEEK! Holy crap, looking back, I was so embarrassing.

After a really short wait we were up to the front of the line. On the way up I noted the Fast Passes were $350. I smacked my dad on the arm and said “who’s crazy enough to pay that?!” We got up to the counter and he asked for two adult fast passes 😱😱😱🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻. Obviously he could tell as much as I thought It was crazy, I secretly.. deep down… wanted it to happen. LET’S DO THIS!!!


We walked to the front gates and down Main Street. It was amazing! We were some of the firsts and the Park was nearly empty. It was like being on the set of your own show and having all these gorgeous sets to run through! First was Despicable Me. It was cute and a decent start, but as there was no adrenaline, I was instantly worried we may have just made a mega terrible decision.


Next came a couple more rides. More like visual rides and less adrenaline. Again. At this point both of us had become a little Leary but we were still excited. FINALLY, we rounded the corner and BAM! Harry Potter land. It was massive!!! We walked through the wand shop, hogsmeade and other shops and ran to the castle. This was actually an impressively set up and incredibly impressive walk through the castle although I’ll be he first to admit, the ride itself was ehhh…. it seemed old, outdated, and overrated. That being said, o was still so happy to be there and could’ve easily ridden it 20 more times.




After that we did the roller coaster (I forget the name) next to the castle. We buckled in, the ride started, took a turn, went up a hill, down a hill, and pulled back in to a stop. Lol… we looked at each other with wide eyes and laughed our butts off… and said “that’s it?” Wow.

After this we headed over to the animal show. Being the animal spaz that I am, I LOVED THIS! It was cute and cheesy in all the right ways. And absolutely most importantly to me, humane. Everyone was rescued and well taken care of. Yes!


Thank goodness though, later one we headed down the massive escalators towards the real adrenaline rides! First we rode Jurassic Park. This was so dang funny as it was a cold day and my dad got SOAKED! Needless to say, he wasn’t thrilled.

After this we headed to The Mummy. This was ridiculously cool! We rode it twice and got right on both times! After this we ran over to the transformers which also was amazing.

Since we were short on time before our flight out we headed back, but not before stopping at the Walking Dead. This was well done by more like a haunted house… random.

Anyway, point is, this was such a fun day and I wouldn’t take it back ever. We laughed hard, had a day of fun together and even more, had adrenaline and warmth when it was nearly thirty degrees at home. We call that a win!

If you get a chance to visit Harry Potter land, I say: go there, be amazed, love it… and love on down to the fun rides!

And most importantly, NEVER turn down a trip with your dad.

I now have a BRAND NEW youtube channel and will post a video on our trip to Harry Potter Land plus a TON of other trips i’ve recently taken on there. Be sure to go follow me on Youtube, Insta, Pinterest & Twitter.

XO –

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