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Ireland Edit: I Just Opened My 1 Hour CRASH COURSE in Business.


I am currently blogging this from the Radisson in the heart of Ireland. So if you have any doubts that you can travel and work, that should already blow that superstition right out of the water.

I actually went to London, England prior to Ireland purely to meet the boys at Bitesize Forex to finish learning Forex from the masters themselves. Proof yet again, that work can be done from anywhere. Why am I a HUGE advocate of this?? Let me explain.

First of all, I am not one to settle. Ever. This means that I want nothing more than to soak up as much of life as I can while working as little but as efficiently as possible. No, this doesn’t make you lazy. Quite the opposite actually. This means that you are the kind of person who will work your little ASS OFF to make sure that you can have and maintain that lifestyle. Even more importantly, that once you are able to obtain those goals, that you keep reaching, keep dreaming bigger and bigger so that complacency doesn’t kill you and ruin all your hard work.

So you’re probably wondering where this is leading right now right?? Here it is. I have had SO MANY QUESTIONS on my social accounts and emails while I was away asking how to do the same, how to start a business, how to do the things I am doing. This is exactly why I created my course! This course I created is a 15 course webinar series that teaches you how to Start A Profitable and Wildly Successful Business. So if you are ready to get down and dirty and blow those 2019 goals out of the water, skip everything else I am about to say and sign up for my new course starting on FRIDAY the 16th of November. Sign up here.

But let’s say you are the kind that wants a good taste to get your feet wet before you buy something. That’s totally okay and actually very understandable. That is why I just created my 1 Hour Crash Course Business Intro LIVE Webinar. This will be stuffed FULL of info that you will need to get started and launch yourself into the next arena of entrepreneurship. This will have VERY LIMITED space available and will be first come first serve.

If you want to join this, you can click the link to secure your spot for $45 via PayPal

Sign up for this here.

See you there! This will be amazing, fast paced and ready to set you on your feet or launch you into the full scale course. Hope you enjoy!

As always,

XO –

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