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Much Needed Weekend In The Mountains


Sweater: @utahroots  Shoes: Reebok  Spandex: Nike

Here’s the deal; you don’t really understand just how bad you really need a vacation… until you take one. The typical me is always the one to want to take a last minute vacation, travel alone or with family or friends on a whim or just plain take the car and go. But as of late, I have been so busy with launching my new business consulting women how to start businesses, trading platform changes, sales and so much more that the thought of traveling amidst the chaos sounded more like a chore to get ready for than anything. And therefore, I avoided it like the plague. In comes my sister. Last minute, she is hounding me to take a break, go to the mountains and relax… and good hell, am I happy I did.


Photo: Leggings @belcorva

There were so many pines as we traveled up to the Uintah mountains and through them. Although we used to camp up there all the time, it all felt knew. I saw more water than I think I ever have in our Utah mountains… waterfalls, random rainstorms, tons of puddles and random lakes and streams… and even more, clean air, bright white clouds and the most brisk of summer cool breeze that I have felt since the Spring. This was why it was all worth it.

We rode the fourwheelers and side by sides up and down many rocky trails where we would stop to let my four year old self play in the bitter cold water or to eat some much needed lunch by a lake we had just found. One waterfall, of which was so tall and beautiful, was one we all had to climb separately to get that once in a lifetime kind of picture. There were so many rivers and streams and waterfalls all over that I honestly wondered “where the hell does all this water come from?” A genuine question, don’t judge. Either way, I don’t see how it can always stay so green down below, grow so brown. This place is a wonder. A place that I want to explore thousands of times over until I feel I am ready to see a new place to adventure. This is in part to there being so much beauty along these gigantic Utah mountains.

Besides riding our butts for hours, we ate a lot of unhealthy food (but yummy none-the-less), my sister and I, of course, kept everyone up having our lengthy conversations at night (of which, Cayman said “you two need to have sleepovers more often because you talk too much! haha”), and we explored different types of terrain with wonder and awe as we then attempted to take family slefies using trees – of which my phone dropped from. Thanks chels 😉 Kidding.

Needless to say, weekends like this, weekends away with family, laughing and playing our hearts out… this is what I live for. These moments that you can never take back and wouldn’t want to anyway. What a beautiful world we live in here in Utah. There is so much diversity in terrain and atmosphere and so much more to see. Join me on my journeys as I continue to explore so much more.

As always, thanks for stopping by. Here’s some more pics from the trip. Enjoy!

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