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The MUST HAVE Stretchy (& Classy) Jeans That You Need Now.

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Well happy Sunday, lovelies! If you happen to follow me on Instagram, then there is probably one thing you REPEATEDLY see me talk about. That is of course, my beautiful stack of Kan Can Jeans that I have at home. There are quite a few reasons why I love them, but let me just go ahead and share some with you.
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 So I’ll go ahead and share the reason why YOU need some of these too:
1. They are stretchy! Without looking cheap or overly stretchy, these bad boys stretch  so damn well that you can have a sweetly unexpected skinny day, or go to town at your favorite restaurant and these will still COMFORTABLY conform to you body shape.
2. You can love all styles and fits in Kan Can like high waist, low rise, mid rise, plain, washed or jeans with tons of holes in them. I admit that I literally have all kinds of Kan Cans (light wash, holey, dark wash, acid rinse, high rise, low and mid rise, cuffed, cut off at the bottom, tall button up – you name it!) and every single one of them still fit me well.
3. I have lost almost 20 pounds since the first of the year and thanks to just washing them after a couple wears, they skinny up to my new size and fit comfortably as the day I bought them still.
4. They are AFFORDABLE. Yep, you heard that right ladies. While looking classy and being comfortable, you STILL get to do all that within a great budget without breaking the bank like many other jean companies tend to do. They conform like a Flying Monkey but are about half the cost. YESS! That means you can get multiple, am I right?
5. They don’t wear, tear, pile, shrink or expand. They stay exactly how you want them at all times.
If that hasn’t convinced you, I will be making a video and adding it to this post this week. But if this just so happened to show you exactly why you need a pair (or ten pairs..) then go ahead and shop some of my favorites below.
My absolute and unyieldingly favorites are my high waist 5 button dark wash jeans and my mid rise ankle cut holey jeans. Both have similar items below as well.
Happy shopping! P.S. I’d love to hear all about how you love your pairs when you get them. Because let’s face it, you want some and winter sucks wearing jeans that just aren’t comfortable. So jump on the Kan Can train girls.

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