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My Surprise Birthday Trip!! 7 Locations.

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Okay you guys, I was a little slow to post this since my blog wasn’t quite done being developed just yet but HERE IT IS! Woot woot! I want to start off by saying this was one of the most AMAZING things someone has ever done for me (besides my parents haha – yep, I see the sad in it!). This started two wednesdays ago, when Keith called me and said “pack your things, find someone to watch the fur-babes and we’re leaving tomorrow morning.” Ummmm YES!!! Hello, only been a dream of mine since who knows when!

So off I went. On this rip current running around my house, cleaning up my random piles of clothes I left from the day before, charging a billion tech gadgets to take with me and finding my sitter for my 1,345,235 animals – thanks mom.

The next morning came and off we went! I had no idea where we were going. I had bugged him about wanting to see Silverton, CO for months but since I lack huge amounts in the direciton department, I had no idea that us heading South, was us heading towards Colorado. This was perfect. It meant that literally the entirety of the trip was a secret to me since I wasn’t allowed to pull up Maps and cheat to see where we were really going. After traveling for a couple hours, we ended at dusk in Moab. It was amazing how many times I have been there, and it had never been so quaint, beautiful, fun like it was this time. We did nothing except drive through and yet I loved it more than ever before. Turns out, I was always sleeping or looking at my phone or been absorbed in a conversation every other time I had driven through. Sad, right? I learned my lesson as I looked from left to right rapidly as if I had never seen the place before, stupid grin from ear to ear the whole time.

We finally pulled up to the other side of town where we parked at a cute like spot in a KOA. We were parked under a blackberry (looking) tree. As we pulled up, it was already late. So we had to be as quiet as possible. I went to grab the sleeping bags and tents out of the back of the truck when eeeeek! I felt a bite, then something wrap around my ankle and another bite. It was so dark I couldn’t even see what I had flung off my leg. Keith ran around after hearing me scream and shined the light to see this cute little hamster looking butt running away. So basically now I have super powers.

We spent the night quickly falling asleep and waking up at the butt crack of dawn so we could make it to a cafe in time for me to trade and us to eat breaky. I had my best day trading yet and was excited the entire rest of the day. After we finished eating, we packed up and headed more South. Hours later, we passed a sign that read “Mesa Verde National Park.” Keith yelled all excited, “ooh I want to go there!” Turns out, he was messing with me and he had already had a camping spot. I.AM.GULLIBLE. Anyway, after we set up our spot, we headed for the cliffs of Mesa Verde. This is where the many AMAZING dwellings were. We hiked the Balcony House first and the Cliff Palace the next day. But not before a cute little Gecko climbed into our fire later that night causing ridiculous panic and then super sadness as we couldn’t get him out in time. Ummmm NOT something I wanted to ever see. RIP little thing!

After seeing these crazy, unreal cool cliff homes and climbing 40ft wooden ladders hanging over 1,000+ft cliffs, we went onto our next journey.

DURANGO was next on the list!!!! As I saw the signs for Durango, it all hit me!! We were in COLORADO!! I was like a tiny child, shrieking in the front seat, on the edge of it just screaming with excitement. Yes, I am easy to please, back off! 😉 We didn’t get to spend much time here though sadly and I would LOVE to go back! This place was gorgeous, so historic styled and just plain everything I love! It was so fun, it seemed so relaxed. Everyone was chill and just enjoying the day, living in the moment. Honestly, not what I expected of Colorado.

We ate lunch in Durango and then OFF TO SILVERTON!!! I was such a little kid the entire drive, just reeling with excitement as we passed over each peak. We were finally back in the mountains, the place that really has my heart. It was so green, beautiful and the dirt below the pines were RED! What?! In Utah, red rock is completely different than the pines in our mountains. So this was shocking and something I most deffinantly did not expect. As we climbed higher and higher though, I felt myself getting nauseous, a little sick and mildly uncomfortable. This is because I have Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (a fancy way of saying my heart just beats super fast ever since I broke my back) meaning that in high altitudes, it beats even faster making it hard to breathe, making you nauseous and dizzy. I then went to sleep to ease these issues and relaxed my body as we climbed higher and higher. As he woke me up I looked out my window and was shocked. I was looking straight down a huge cliff, straight down! Nobody believes in guardrails? What an amazing view, and then THERE IT WAS, SILVERTON!!! This tiny town in the basin of surrounding mountains. A sleepy town, still in its original, most pure form. Beautiful. The mountains, the old buildings, the town personality and hospitality, all something to love. Later that day we drove up to Eureka (a small, old abandoned town) and became amazed at the huge glacier type drifts still covered the mountains and the remnants of the abandoned mine overshadowed the entirety of one whole mountain side.

After driving home, we spent the night in a really cool old hotel and perused the shops, the empty streets and ate at some of the little family owned cafe’s and restaurants. The hospitality was to die for. The next day we went through Old Hundred Mine and dove 1,000 ft deep into the Earth where the air was damp and the clothes were wet. But the view was crazy cool and the story, even better. We panned for “gold” and left later that day. Thankful to drop in altitude after huffing around for a day, we began out descent to Ouray, another small town I really wanted to see! As we turned corner after corner, waterfalls poured down as if there was endless water and year round observers. We stopped at the biggest waterfalls, taking in the emotion of the view and losing my favorite shoe in the process. Damn. Then onto Ouray.

We pulled into the small (yet, way bigger than Silverton) town and drove around to see all of the little shops. As we finally pulled up to the hotel, we jumped out and still kept browsing the town. There was so much to see and so little time to see it all. After having a small meal, we kept venturing on through the town and then off to sleep.

That morning we woke up, said our goodbyes to Ouray and headed to Black Canyon of the Gunnison where the views were unlike any other. The drop off was two times the size of the empire state building and were more rough and jagged than I had ever seen before. The canyon was almost so deep that it seemed surreal, as if if you fell, you would just take flight before you hit the ground – because you had enough time to figure it all out, of course. Once Keith had gagged and heaved his way through the canyon (he is not a huge fan of heights), we headed to one last spur of the moment stop. This was a life size historic site where old buildings and treasures were made into an entirely accurate historical city. Unfortunately, we had a tour guide with weird stories and no life. So our really cool tour ended up being more mentally painful than anything – two hours later, we managed to escape with our sanity and started out drive home. Thank goodness.

What an amazing trip and so, so, SO COOL that is was all a surprise. I am still in awe. Can I just relive this little adventure?

Anyway, that is it! Thanks for stopping by as always! Be sure to check me out on Insta, Pinterest, The Twit, and soon Youtube.

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