The Tulip Festival


With all things considered, this last weekend turned out to be quite an amazing ride. It started out with TONS of home home renovations being done which led to wanting some free time at the Tulip Festival in Thanksgiving Point. We did TONS of things between walk around and look at billions of flowers, scoped out the acres and acres of lush, green grounds and then finished up with a trip to the Animal Farm across the way.

The day was filled with beautiful arrangements, gardens full of aroma and colors beyond belief and tons (I mean TONS) of laughter. This trip was much needed to take my mind off of the busy work week schedule and the home reno. To top it off, on our way home, we found a random abandoned circus – creepy as it gets – but that is for a later post so that this one can stay classy and pretty! For now, here is our little Tulip Festival Adventure! Enjoy!












IMG_2782As always, thanks for stopping by!! Be sure to to check in all week for things like my continued home reno, my trip to crazy land (the abandoned circus – you won’t want to miss that one) and an AMAZING store shoutout.



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