The Washing Away of the Rain


If there’s one thing in life I treasure more than a sunny day by the ocean, it is the rain. The sound of rain, the feel of rain, the smell of rain. Everything about the rain has an impact just as heavy as the ocean. For some strange reason, much of the world is ever attracted to the ocean; I myself, being absolutely obsessed. It’s a crazy, unbelievable but beautiful passion of mine that calls to me daily. Yet, I remain here, next to the mountains (of which, I LOVE as well) and far from the whispering ocean, beckoning me to heed its call. My home is here, my family is here, my heart is both here and there. Either way, the ocean remains my heart and soul that I love from a distance and wait to see again on random vacations.

Rain though, that is a luxury afforded to me on a much more regular basis, especially lately. Our weather patterns here in Utah are leaving us transfixed on its unreal ability to change on a dime. I remember long, hot and dry summers as a child. Now, in an instant, we can be just as humid as a state on the coast. Go figure. The rain, that also is more of a new addition to our summer months that used to almost be unheard of. Now, it happens (it seems) about every two to three weeks.

Growing up, I lived upstairs in our gorgeous three story home. Although I loved my double doors, the open floor plan, the vaulted ceilings and the close proximity to my sisters room where I spent many nights pushing her out of her twin sized bed, one of my favorite features about the home was my room being upstairs with everyone else. That meant when it rained, I heard it all. I heard the wind ripping at our shingles, I heard the rain beating on my windows and pillaging the ground below. More importantly though, I HEARD the rain. It soothed me the way the ocean waves do as they lap the shore of any coastline you can think of. It is calming, beautiful and overly passionate in its way of reaching may people at the same time without anyone saying a word.

Tonight as I listen to the rain outside my window I remember what I missed out on the last eleven years that I lived in the downstairs level of my parents new beautiful and sprawling home. It is perfect in all its glory, too damn large to be considered a comfy home and yet flawless in all its monstrous glory. Although it sits tucked on a cliff with nothing more than a field of cows and green pastures between it and a couple hundred foot quick descent, with my room facing West and in the bottom level, I never heard the rain as I slept. Occasionally, If I could get away with sleeping with the window open, I would hear a heavy rain as it hit the floor. But most days, the rain was not yet heavy enough to be heard from my room. I missed it. I wished and waited for it. But most days, I just succeeded to the idea that I lived downstairs. It wasn’t happening. The place is too beautiful to complain about and therefore, I was still very happy.

Tonight again, as I listen to the rain, I think of the night I just had. Eating a small dinner for party of one, I had a stare off with my dogs. Bowls in front of them full of soft dog food, hard dog food just behind them. I realized that at this point, I was never going to win this battle. If I wasn’t spoon feeding them, they were holding out and not going to eat. Grr. The night followed up with shark week with my sister who walked over to enjoy a couple hours kidless with her (coolest ever) sister. We learned about deep sea creatures, laughed about many things and at the end of the night, drove her ass home through a torrential down poor. You’re welcome sis!

The good news, an infant sized floaty went cruising on down the middle of the road. So if either of us were to feel the need, then all would be well! 😉 Now I lay in bed with my two cute puppies and one fun little shit of a cat. All the time wondering if the rain was more menacing than therapeutic as my younger pup (the full Yorkie) barked every stinking time the trees hit my windows and the rain splashed the wall. Grr. Slide off to sleep, just about to REM, bam. Barking dog with a death wish.

Oh well. It’s then and only then that I realize that life is, at least in this very moment, perfectly okay. Calm, peaceful, tranquil. Beautiful.

I can only wish that others found the beauty of the rain tonight as amazing as I did. I can only imagine it to have an eerily similar effect on many others as well. With the rain, comes the washing away of anything bad that may have happened in that day. It’s the little things. Did I mention that very same Yorkie snores like an adult man? Rain…. please stay all night.



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