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Why Turquoise Jewelry Has Stolen My Heart


Photo: Native Lens // All Jewelry: JTV Jewelry // Dress: Vici // Hair: Bombay Hair // Makeup: Buxom Cosmetics


I’m pretty sure that when it comes to jewelry, I have probably been a bit crazy with the amount of jewelry I have accumulated over the years. Its a little excessive, and yes I have been trimming down and donating almost all of it. All except the truly meaningful, beautiful pieces of which are all items that I have been given, or things that truly mean a lot to me. Of those kinds of rare and truly loved pieces, there remains one beautiful gold and pearl ring my parents bought me when I was born and gave to me when I turned 16. Another piece is a ring my dad bought me in Taxco, Mexico on an amazing 700 mile unplanned round trip we took. The rest are all pieces that have been sent to me for the blog like these from (my new favorite, JTV) or ones I have selectively picked out while traveling. So, as you can see, I choose, rare, beautiful and meaningful pieces. Which is why I was SO excited when JTV wanted me to feature all turquoise pieces. I mean really.. twist my arm, am I right?

I mean looking back, I think you would find that I have a vast collection of turquoise and almost always feature them in my shoots. Simply because they feel more bohemian and deffinantly fit my vibe. You acn also really layer almost all turquoise pieces which is also why I wear probably excessive amounts of it at a time. Like seriously guys, come to the airport with me and follow me through the x-ray line while I strip off about 7 pounds of silver and turquoise jewelry. My dad gets embarrassed every time he travels with me. 😉

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure why I have always had such a deep love for turquoise (up until now when JTV jewelry sent me some little known facts about it) other than its beauty, obviously, and the different ways in which can look all from the same stone. My sheer love has recently turned into an obsession whereas every where I travel, I always seek out native jewelry as my memory of the location and my trip. I always choose carefully crafted, unique and beautiful pieces so as to make my collection at home as unique as possible.

One of the rings that JTV sent me made me begin to love this stone even more. This was the fact that turquoise takes millions of years to form making it an incredibly precious piece of history. It takes time and patience, buried in some of the most beautiful layers of places such as my own home here in Utah in order to become perfected in all its imperfect beauty. Another amazing thing about this stone is that the blue colors you see the most when it comes to turquoise stones is formed when created in Copper.

Last, but not least, this is a sacred stone in the Native American culture. Turquoise is wholeheartedly believed to be considered sacred for health, happiness and protection. This is a theory I really relate with as living a more bohemian lifestyle, I do feel a large amount of happiness and protection regularly, so to think my stones might help attribute to the lifestyle, makes me want that many more.

Thanks to JTV jewelry, I now have 5 more beautiful pieces that are beautiful and unique and happily have been added to my collection. All of which are listed at the end of this post so that you can choose to purchase each piece and spread these happy and positive vibes yourself. I mean really, are they not some of the prettiest pieces you’ve seen to date?

All in all, I have to say, of the collection they sent, my favorite piece would have to fall between this gorgeous necklace and my inlaid ring. Both of which are featured below.

I hope this may help to inspire you to add turquoise to your life as it comes with endless beauty and of course supplies happiness. Did I mention the amount of compliments I get on a daily basis? I hope you love them all and I would LOVE to hear which is your favorite piece below.

Thanks for stopping by as always, check out my next post where I write all about this trip to St. George, looking for vacation homes, playing hard and resting harder.




Blue turquoise silver inlay ring

Blue turquoise silver inlay ring

Turquoise blue silver pendant with chain

Turquoise blue silver pendant with chain

Blue turquoise silver solitaire ring

Blue turquoise silver solitaire ring

Green turquoise sterling silver ring

Green turquoise sterling silver ring

Turquoise silver coin bracelet

Turquoise silver coin bracelet

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