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Harry Potter World? Don’t Mind If We Do.

Just a couple weeks ago (yeah, I know… procrastinator.. whatever) we went to Universal Studios. By we, I mean my dad and I. As we were already down in Cali for work and had done a damn good job well done a day early, we decided what better to do than be five years old (well, I was at least)…

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The MUST HAVE Stretchy (& Classy) Jeans That You Need Now.

Well happy Sunday, lovelies! If you happen to follow me on Instagram, then there is probably one thing you REPEATEDLY see me talk about. That is of course, my beautiful stack of Kan Can Jeans that I have at home. There are quite a few reasons why I love them, but let me just go ahead and share some with…

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The Tax Write-Off’s YOU NEED TO KNOW About For Your Business

& EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW SO YOU STAY PROFITABLE. Here’s the deal kids, business ain’t easy and life most deffinantly isn’t cheap. If you ask anyone who’s ever ran their own business, no matter how small, they will tell you the same thing every.single.time…. and that is, that they had to skip paying “this” (at home) so they could…

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What I’ve Already Learned From My Boyfriend’s Deployment

So here’s the thing, ask anyone about me and they would probably say I’m tough, bullheaded even… hopefully in a good way? Anyway, when it comes to life, I have been fairly resilient given all of the things that have happened in my short (or long, whichever way you look at it) twenty-seven years.  I’ve broken too many bones to…

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Maganda Treasures Sarcasm & Whit Candles

In light of the fact that my boyfriend is deploying soon and my life has become unbelievably chaotic, finding peace in the simple things is something to treasure. So when Maganda Treasures sent me this sarcasm candle (right up my smart-ass alley), we have been lighting it during our chaotic packing up of his house and letting the refreshing smell…

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